O.M. Fendyo. Substantiation of the parameters and structures of jet captures the automated boot device. - Manuscript.

Thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences, specialty 05.05.17 - hydraulic machines and hidropnevmoahrehaty. - Ternopil State Technical University named after Ivan Pul'uj. - Ternopil, 2012.

The thesis is devoted to the explanation of design and operational parameters zahoplyuvalnyh inkjet devices to increase their carrying capacity by the efficient use of air flow.

In the thesis held gas-dynamic analysis process flow of air flow in the nozzle and the elements in between the interacting surfaces zahoplyuvalnyh inkjet devices and objects of manipulation, based on his reasonable methods of increasing carrying capacity data devices.

Displaying analytical dependences for calculating the strength characteristics of jet zahoplyuvachiv and determined their rational design parameters. Substantiates the influence of geometrical parameters of the active surface of the jet zahoplyuvachiv their force characteristics.

Developed technical requirements for inkjet zahoplyuvachiv and defined specification. A method for calculating engineering parameters and dynamic characteristics of jet zahoplyuvachiv. A number of constructive schemes boot device sheet material based inkjet zahoplyuvachiv, provides formulas for calculating their parameters.

Key words: non-contact gripping device, aerodynamic effect, air stream, air flow, object manipulation, circular nozzle.









































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