Kirichenko N.N.; Okafor Djams Kalechi, student of 5th course

Sumy State University, Department of Internal Medicine postgraduate education with propedeutics course


Nephrosclerosis is the result of progressive chronic kidney disorders (CKD) in patients with diabetic and ischemic kidney disorders and hypertensive nephropathy. In arterial hypertension there is leading mechanism of the shaping cardiorenal of continuum. Cardiovascular complications and death are more often the result of kidney insufficiency in patients with CKD.

Purpose: to study efficiency of metabolic cytoprotection meksikor in treatment in patients with hypertensive crisis (HC) at the CKD.

Material and methods: patient with HC used i/v enalaprilat (1,25 mg) or klophelini (0,1 mg). ACE inhibitors were used for therapy in target dose (KDOQI, 2007) in combination with loop diuretic. The patients were divided into groups: I group (n=11), used in complex with above stated by treatment meksikor on scheme: 300 mg per day i/v - 7 days, 300 mg per os - 1 month; II group (n=12) - patients did not used meksikor. Monitoring of arterial pressure, EKG conducted for 10 days.

Results: initial level of systolic arterial pressure (SAP) and diastolic pressure (DAP) at the patients I group was 204,1±4,5 and 118,3±2,1 mmHg, at the patients II group – 197,8±4,3 and 117,2±2,0 mmHg. In current 90-120 minutes after i/v introduction of drugs there was a reduction of the AP at the 81,8 % patients I group and - 83,3 % patients II group. Absence of the complaints and stabilization of AP at the patient I group was for 2,09±0,25 days of the treatment, but at the patient II group - for 2,8±0,2 days of the treatment (p<0,05). As of daily monitoring the average daily level of SAP at the patients I group was 131,3±2,4 mmHg but 147,1±2,73 mmHg the patients II group (p<0,05),  the average daily level of DAP at the patients I group was 81,3±3,5 mmHg but in II group was 97,0±1,9 mmHg (p<0,05). The average heart rate was less 70 beats per minute in 24,3 % more often in patients of I group than in patients of II group.

There was positive influence on SAP, DAP and heart rate when using the offered scheme of treatment with meksikor.