Tarasenko D.S., Baranova S.R., the first-year students

Scientific supervisor – S.I. Ochtema

Sumy State University, Chair оf Foreign Languages


Tuberculosis, as an illness, is known since ancient times. The principal clinical manifestations of tuberculosis are described still by Hippocrate, Gallen, Avizenna. The fact that tuberculosis is infectious was confirmed by Fracastro in the 16th century. Over 6 billion people live on our planet now. Today tuberculosis is the most widely spread infectious disease which ranks first as to the deathrate among the people from infectious pathology.

Aim: the investigation was studing tuberculosis that is the most menacing illness for the whole mankind. It kills patients worldwide than all the infectious and parasitic illness taken together. Present tuberculosis epidemic has acquired the global scales. Moreover here is given the information about the number of factors this disease is connected with its symptoms, reasons and the ways of prophylaxis and diagnostics.

Methods and matherials: Tuberculosis is an infectious disease, caused by the mycobacterium (MBT) of tuberculosis and is characterized by the development of specific inflammation in injured organs and polymorphism of clinical symptoms – intoxication and local syndromes.

The formal examination at initial forms of tuberculosis reveals no patient’s visible abnormalities. Palpably: often lowered skin turgor, muscles tone, micropolyadenite, positive “fork-shaped” symptom, which is observed at unilateral lung cirrhosis, atelectasis. Increased voice tremor above infiltration or cirrhosis zones, weakned-at exudative pleurisy, pneumothorax.

Roentgenologic examination is one of the main methods of diagnostic of tuberculosis and unspecific respiratory disease.

Conclusion: Tuberculosis is a social disease and is a mirror of social-economic prosperity of the state and the well-being of its people, therefore antituberculosis measures under present conditions must be taken on the national level by the government of the country. At present time, the principal task in fighting against tuberculosis in Ukraine is to take the epidemy of the illness under control (1 stage), to stabilize the epidemiological indices (infestation, morbidity, sickliness and death rate) of tuberculosis (2 stage), and then their gradual decrease (3 stage).